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For any queries concerning our Privacy Policy please link to the corresponding page of our site. We give the highlights about the ways and reasons to collect specific information about our users and how we process the received data. The questions of privacy are of utmost importance and respect to us.

MEDIADIRECTX copyright protection

MEDIADIRECTX is protected by copyright. This refers to the rights for its logo, site design and graphics, texting styles, content and anything related to this issue. You shall not copy, publish, duplicate any information from our site without our permission. In case you receive it, you can't misuse it or alter it in any way. If we grant consent to use our site content, it can be done for personal reasons only.

MEDIADIRECTX trademark protection

MEDIADIRECTX is a registered TM. Thus, it is prohibited to copy, imitate or use in any related way any data containing our trademark without our agreement provided in writing. Our trademark embraces our site icons, buttons, customized elements related to scripts, colour palette, graphics, texts, headers, etc. Beside we can show trademarks of other companies which are not protected on our site but which are protected by them, thus to use them is forbidden too. Our company grants the usage for personal, not business goals only. You shall not utilize any data collecting methods of MEDIADIRECTX. It is illegal to resell any aspect of information obtained from our site as well.

MEDIADIRECTX linking policy

We declare that you may create a hyperlink to our site but you are not allowed to present our company in any misleading way. If you follow any links from our site, we disclaim any responsibility for the content of those sites and any consequences. We are not liable for any risk you may face linking to other websites. We insist that if you are inclined to use our materials which are under trademark protection, the written content issued by our company should be obtained before you use our information. utilizing

We trust our clients and expect their proper behaviour. That implies high moral values and a decent attitude which results in following the above mentioned regulations and effective law provisions. We abide you will act legally and won't abuse either the site or its users in any way. You are supposed to respect privacy and not misuse any information available on our site. We require that you shall not interfere with servers, accounts, networks and systems which provide our site functioning. We demand not to break the access to protected and restricted items and areas. You are supposed to comply fully with corresponding laws and rules related to the site policy. This includes both the local and international scale. You are aware that any advertisements placed on our site do not imply that we guarantee the quality of goods or services they render.

Regulation of copyright or trademark issues

We strictly comply with copyright and trademark regulations and are eager to assist in any way possible if you have related issues to inform us. Once you notice any violation, reach us over the phone +37052111427 or send us an email at describing the issue in detail and proving the possession of the copyright including the signature of the TM owner. Communicate your phone number and the email address you would like to receive the reply. We are eager to act legally and always ready to cooperate in this regard in every way possible.


Beware that if you act in a way which may violate either the rights MEDIADIRECTX or its users at certain points, you may be subjected to respond to their claims and to refund any possible damages. If you misuse and your improper behavior insults any third parties you may be charged indemnification. In any disputes of the kind, MEDIADIRECTX will remain blameless and indemnification implies that you will have to accept the blame and punishment stipulated by the current laws solely by yourself.

Materials which you share with MEDIADIRECTX

We state that we can't provide complete confidentiality of materials, data or information which you choose to submit via By doing so, you give us the right of ownership to them. Thus, we reserve the right to use the provided materials for our purposes and correspondingly, you disclaim your ownership for them. Once you share your information with us you agree that we can use it free of charge and without notifying you when we find that necessary.


MEDIADIRECTX cannot be plead responsible for any failures which can occur while its clients are using its site like possible glitches, errors, software and hardware issues, system breakdowns and the like. Also, we do not guarantee that the data offered by other sites which can be accessed from MEDIADIRECTX are correct, accurate, reasonable, timely, sufficient, proper, safe and verified. This concerns the quality of goods and services offered by the linked sites, too.

Legal obligations

MEDIADIRECTX is located in Tallinn, therefore is subjected to the provisions and regulations of the local laws of Estonia, as well as the generally accepted international laws which are applicable to the cases stipulated by the terms and conditions of usage effective for the time present.

Access termination

We have the right to terminate the access to your site account and usage of our site and rendered services once we consider that your access may cause harm, losses or damage to the site or its other users. We reserve the right to execute the termination at any time, without your consent or prior notification. In this case, you may choose to change or stop to use the site services whenever you wish.