In ad networks for publishers Mediadirectx we do what we do because of passion, pure interest and commitment to sophistication, and we know how important your business is for you. Being a publisher, you deeply care about the content of your brainchild, and compromising the quality just doesn’t feel right. And that is exactly why we are so passionate about monetization without tradeoffs!

Native advertising, which looks just like main content and news feed, provides a means of one-of a kind experience, giving free rein to various powerful campaigns and publicity while truly engaging your readers. Promo information, integrated into the content in a natural way, has proven to capture users attention and stir their interest, building a credibility of your source. At the same time, advertisers acquire access to a powerful ad publisher, which brings them more effect and profit, than bulky banners, which most of the users these days consider to be annoying or even irritating. Mediadirectx marketplace is called to make advertising useful, reasonable and comprehensible for your audience.

Why choose Mediadirectx

We bring webmasters and advertisers together, maximizing campaign’s effect while keeping efforts required from you to a minimum. Ready-made ad publisher solutions allow quick ad placement, which retains integrity and sense of purpose in every message you convey. Native branded ad publisher does not change the layout and conception of your website, thus opening doors to unlimited advertising opportunities.

We empower publishers to take a full control over their content, while benefiting from:

  • innovative techniques which allow more efficient communication of ideas and increase profits;
  • positive user experience and higher engagement;
  • time-saving tools and administrative solutions tailored to your needs;
  • real-time analytics dashboard which accumulates statistics and tracks progress right away.

Life forges ahead, and so does the publisher advertiser. Native mobile ads turn monetizing your website into a simple and enjoyable process, totally eliminating the risk of readers’ dissatisfaction with abundance of banners or pop-ups. Contemporary audience goes for nothing less than relevance and sense, and that is what our mission is all about, along with ease of use for the ad publisher. Together we’ll change that webmaster experience once and for all, bringing even more creative and meaningful content to the table. Join advertiser publisher network to discover new horizons of advertising!

CPM Rates are Dropping

Are you trying to compensate losses with placing more banners? That's no effective - nowadays websites are literally cluttered with banners, rich media and other ads.

Everything changes

Users don't even look at banners making advertisers lose their money. Native brand stories are the best solution in catching target consumers' attention.


Our innovative solution allows you to add native advertising to your website which will look similar to the main content and to the news feed. Native branded stories are placed naturally without changing the look and the feel of your website.

Earn more with our innovation

We offer you an absolutely new monetization source that engages without irritating people guaranteeing much better results comparing to banner ads.

Create Engagement with a Seamless User Experience

Every native ad looks similar to the editorial content of the website's news feed. Advertisement is embedded in the website content and a user doesn't have to leave to read it

All Media Sources are adjusted quickly and easily

Our native code can be integrated with any web or mobile platform in no time

Gain Immediate Access to Branded Content

One can find an impressive variety of top quality branded content in our market place and get full control of the stories shown to your users