MEDIADIRECTX concerns about the privacy of its clients. Our aim is to secure the privacy of our clients in the best possible way, therefore we have developed our privacy policy principles as stated below. We explain in detail the ways we collect your data and what for we can use them.

Information about clients

We collect all data which you submit while using our site as well as we study how you use our site.

We also gather the information which you share with us giving your feedback.

We use your contact details to reach you with our offers or any information which may be of interest to you. We use the data which we gather about our clients for a better personal approach in rendering our services. We are eager to inform you about our new services as well as products of other companies which in our opinion, can draw your attention and may be useful to you. We thoroughly select materials of the third party companies which may attract you as well. The ways which we reach our clients include confirmation emails, telephone calls and texting, post letters.

Your contact details can be processed in the following cases: to check and verify your credit card, marketing and auditing purposes, customs control, customer surveys, safety and security, system testing, health, administrative issues etc. We try to improve our service and to understand what information you need to be offered. We may use the data received from you to better understand your preferences and interests so that we could be able to provide you with the information which you really need. We appreciate our client's opinions and always glad to receive your feedback. We are happy to contact you by phone, post or email to inquire about your opinion, preferences and likings, too. We may also contact you for operational or administrative issues. Our company is eager to constantly improve and we appreciate every single effort or your help to us to develop and become better.

We may allow access to your data from the side of other third parties for the reasons stated in this privacy policy.

Site tracking

We utilize software to track and monitor the visits and traffic patterns of our clients to better understand and meet their needs. Yet we are not able to capture any identification information while their visits.

Personal Data Request

You may inquire about the personal details which we have about you and ask for a copy. Note if you want to phone call record we keep them for 90 days. To make sure that this is you exactly who is requesting for the personal data, be ready to identify yourself. We will reach you directly and you will have to submit the data within 30 days. If you fail to do so, your query will be archived and you will have to submit a new one.

For any explanation or information you are welcome to contact us at or any other way listed at our Contact Us page.

Information and data security and protection

We act in compliance with all international and local laws applicable to execute the privacy policy and data protection of our clients.

Our site employed 128 bit encryption.

Prior to pass any contact details of our clients to the third parties we make sure that they provide at least the same high level of data protection as MEDIADIRECTX.

This does not refer however to the cases when your data are required to pass to the third parties by legal authorities or any issues related to the law execution. We will try to retain it however for the period of time which the law permits.


Cookies contain information which helps our site to be more effective. They are stored on the computer's hard drive via a browser. By default it is done automatically unless you change your settings. They can be removed any moment.

You can view our site even without cookies yet they help us to measure the effectiveness of our site and thus develop. We may also set a cookie from your confirmed email to your browser so that we could see if you follow the link from it to the site or not. We don't utilize any personal data caption though.

If you follow the link which we offer in our email and go to the site we can see with the help of cookies which pages exactly you visit and what information from our site draws your attention and which not. This way we are able to analyze your preferences and thus select and offer for your attention the information you most likely need.

We collect these data just for analytical and informational reasons only and do not pass them to any third parties. If you do not like that we can collect the data of this kind, you can change the settings of your cookies in the browser you use any time.


We apply pixels in the emails we send so that we could be able to know who actually opens our emails and who does not. It also helps to find out if they are able to receive texts or html options.

Client's consent

By using MEDIADIRECTX you agree with the provisions stated above. For any queries concerning this point we are glad to advise you at or in the contact field at our Contact US page. Our phone number and legal address are available there as well. We are always glad when you reach us to advise to become better.