Native Advertising for Publishers and Advertisers

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Mediadirectx is an intelligent tool that can be used by brands for promoting their content online and place native mobile ads. The advertising content keeps the stylistic and look of other story items and is shown to users on the same platform. With Mediadirectx marketplace companies and brands can reach their target audience, achieve the best results and optimize their marketing budget.

Types of mobile native ads

It is no secret that era of banner ads and pop-ups has explicitly ended, as less and less users are likely to be impressed with rhetoric of traditional advertising. A demand for a change has brought a new format into existence, introducing a phenomenon, known as native ad, or "natural advertising". Ads native are viewed and perceived as an original content, matching the specificity of the platform upon which they are published. Being an evolutionary development of product placement, native advertising amalgamates products with the content, providing uncompromising efficiency level and higher engagement with the viewer, thus eliciting absotively positive feedback.

Core native ads formats include:

  •   in-feed native advertising (e.g. Facebook and Twitter);
  •   search & promoted listings (created to seamlessly match any browsing experience);
  • content recommendation widgets (widget unit is encapsulated into the main well on the page);
  •   custom content units (very platform-specific, growing out of types listed above).

We are bringing publishers and advertisers together, ensuring full-on native ad platform experience, which leads to unprecedented results, quickly and effectively conveying the message to the public by virtue of these formats.    

Mobile native ad benefits

Mediadirectx empowers companies to achieve ambitious goals by providing a wide spectrum of opportunities for smart native ads in advertising media. The message becomes vibrant and heard as never before, once placed on the website with relevant features and user's behavior. Natural advertising has been successfully adapted and exploited to monetize their content feeds by large social platforms, and recently it has begun a triumphant march through first line media sites. Unobtrusive and credible, mobile native advertising match the visual design of the website they exist in, and behave consistently with the user’s preferences and needs. Moreover, native ads function programmatically, dispensing with the necessity to invest superfluity of time and efforts.

The advantages of native advertising include following points:

  • native ads attract more attention and positive reaction;
  • they guarantee upscaled relevance and engagement;
  • native advertising serves as absolutely unique time savers;
  • it boosts sales in a short-term perspective by virtue of neuroscience and eye tracking technology.

Why go native with Mediadirectx

In Mediadirectx we are devoted to making native ads easy and impactful. We know exactly what publishers and advertisers are looking for, and eagerly help them meet within our native ads network. Cutting-edge sophisticated technologies for business growth and development, which once used to be complex and complicated, are now becoming simple and intelligible, and we are proud to be a part of these life-changing process, airing an effective native ads network.

Latest technologies lie at your fingertips this very moment, both literally and figuratively, along with a broad range of high quality advertising media. Contact us to start a campaign, worthy ongoing high-tech era and your wildest unleashed goals.

Mediadirectx is a place where publishers and advertisers meet and create seamless advertising user experience
A state-of-art technology with real-time matching provides the best story to the target consumers at the most attractive price.
Native advertisement published on the pages preserver their look and feel. Advertisers can now present their content as a natural part of the publisher site


Mediadirectx Native Exchange is an automated programmatic solution publishing your brand's content on relevant media resources with one click. Your target audience will view your content on its favorite websites


Mediadirectx provides new efficient sources of monetization for real native advertising on your sites. It is programmed to publish branded stories in your news feed and the ads look just like the content of the page. That is a great chance to increase revenue by providing seamless user experience